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First, we are really excited to be launching our updated Hanna Design website that now includes a BLOG! We have great things planned for 2014 and getting our new site off the ground is a key component of keeping things moving.

Our biggest news, however, is that our Founder, Cindy Hanna, began her journey into retirement in January. We like to think of it as ‘switching seats’ with me. I began my Graphic Design career at Hanna Design in March of 1996 and have learned everything I know about the design business from Cindy and the many fantastic people I’ve been able to work with during my time at Hanna. I started as a ‘Designer’s Assistant’ and now I am running the place. Pretty crazy actually, but I am very excited to embark on this new journey as I support Cindy’s ability embark on hers. Though our goal is to grow, our plan is really to stay the same. The greatest benefit of keeping this transition internal is the ability to continue our working relationships with the same great clients who trust us, and are truly part of our Hanna family. I want to offer the reassurance that though there may be a brief learning curve with parts of this transition, there will still be the same level of responsiveness and quality we are known for. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Cindy and I have also been able to reach out to many existing clients to discuss the changes, but haven’t gotten to everyone. If there are any questions, thoughts or concerns, please reach out to me.

Cindy plans to still be around and to help out where she is needed, but also looks forward to having more time for her gardening and world travels. We hope to have her share some of her adventures with us here at SeeMyVoice.com.